rainbow blogI just read something on facebook that said, “God takes the storms in life and turns them into rainbows when we believe”.

I don’t “like” that. Yeah, it sounds good. All you have to do is believe! Then rainbows come from your storms! …wouldn’t that be nice.

But where in the bible does it say God takes our storms and turns them into rainbows when we believe? Sometimes that happens. But not all the time.

I know the bible says in the world we will have trouble (and to take heart, for He has overcome)… but I didn’t see anything after saying, ‘the trouble will all go away if you just believe. And it won’t just go away, it will be a beautiful multicolored fix to your current situation!’ We’re talking about Jesus here, not LSD. 

What I’ve found though, is that after the words about trouble, the bible says BUT TAKE HEART. Be courageous. It’s okay. He has overcome.

Let me say that again. It does not say the trouble will go away when you just believe. It says TAKE HEART in the midst of your trouble. Be courageous WHILE you have troubles. It’s okay to have problems in life, troubles that come. They might not go away when you ‘just believe,’ but through believing you can take heart while you have the struggles, knowing He has overcome. You can trust and hope in Jesus Christ and the fact that since He overcame the grave, we can have eternal life in heaven.

Troubles will still be here on earth though. For all of our days on earth, there will be trouble. So don’t go telling people to simply believe in Jesus and everything will get better. Don’t tell people that God will turn their storm into a rainbow.

Because sometimes He doesn’t. Sometimes, even when you believe fully in Jesus, when you’ve surrendered all, sometimes bad things still happen. Sometimes the storm is still there, with no rainbow in sight. God didn’t promise rainbows. (NOTE: Yes he gave a rainbow to Noah with a promise, but that’s different than what we’re talking about here.  And I doubt anyone reading this spent that long building an ark that big and was at sea for the same amount of time as Noah.  So it’s not about that.  The rainbow came with a promise, the rainbow wasn’t the promise..)But He did promise He’d be there before, during, and after the storm for us. He promised never to leave or forsake us.

I spent a lot of time trying to find my rainbow. Trying to surrender more, love more, worship more, pray more, do everything more in order to make a way for God to give me a rainbow.

My storms got bigger, louder, and darker.

When we tell people that God will turn the storms to rainbows if they just believe, we are leading people astray. Because when the storms rage, if the rainbows don’t come, we have set these people up for defeat. We have set them up to believe there must be an inconsistency in Christ because He has not given them a rainbow when they’ve believed as hard as they can.

In my own life, I ultimately believed: God must not be good, God must not care about me, God must not hear me, and God must not love me… I am worthless and unwanted because no matter how much I do for God, my storms don’t pass.

I think we need to go things in a different way. Stop idolizing what God can do for us, and start worshipping Him simply for who He is.

I don’t have it figured out yet. So I don’t even honestly know. But in my searching, I’ve realized there are a lot of lies Christians believe about God. A lot of nice Christian sayings in our minds that aren’t biblical. And sooner or later, the easy or the hard way, we find out. We find out that God doesn’t always turn our storms into rainbows when we believe. Sometimes He lets the storm rage on. Maybe to teach us, maybe to strengthen us, I don’t know why, but I know it happens. And when it happens, we need to be prepared, not disappointed. We need to be trusting, not hurt and angry that God didn’t do something HE NEVER SAID HE WOULD DO.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

He said in Him we can have peace, and gave us a command to take heart. He didn’t promise rainbows. The option to take heart, or be courageous, is on us. It’s our choice to do that. Don’t keep waiting for rainbows. Take heart now, for the trouble might be there, but He has overcome.  And you know what?  We are so used to being angry and mad at troubles.  Troubles are okay.  It’s okay to struggle.  Even life or death.  It’s actually okay.  If I’ve learned anything in these 21 years, it’s that it’s okay if you’re uncomfortable for a while.  It’s okay to have troubles and struggles.  Be uncomfortable, it’s okay if life isn’t perfect.  It really is okay.

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