The voice of Truth

Daughter, do you know whose you are?

You belong to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords.  You are adopted, a personal real child of God.

Daughter, do you realize what this means?

You have an inheritance, you are united with Christ!  You have been FORGIVEN and your debts completely paid.

Daughter, do you know why I chose you?

Because I love you.  Because I like to make broken things new, because I TRUST you.  Daughter, I trust you to take care of my other children, and to bring more to me so I can adopt them too.  Isn’t this exciting daughter?

Do you know I’ve loved you all along?

Even in your biggest shame, I’ve loved you.

Daughter, do you see?

I am at work inside you.  I have never let you go.  I have separated you from society, to become more like me.

Daughter, are you scared?

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.  I will strengthen you and help you.  I will not leave you weak and alone, and I will always make a way.

Daughter, do you trust me?

Because I need you to trust me me and believe me.  Don’t doubt, my daughter, trust me.  If you trust my words, you can do what they say in OBEDIENCE.

Daughter, do you know?

My LOVE is better than life itself.  My love for you runs deeper, wider, and longer than you will ever know.

Daughter, will you go?

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