running.. April 12, 2010

I used to hate running. Yet somehow I would always find myself in a race – a race against time, a race against myself, running from truth, running from pain, and of course, physically running. I’d pound my feet into the ground, my steps like the beat of a drum to a song too fast, too loud, and too chaotic for me to even grasp.
God’s given me a love for running now. Nothing crazy like before… but every time I go on a nice jog now, God really comes through for me and I learn the most from Him when I’m outside enjoying His presence through my runs.
So I ran this morning, only when I started I realized I didn’t recognize the beat… I wasn’t running the familiar drum I was used to – it was a new song, a slower song, but a good song all the same.
As I ran I noticed God’s glory all around me, in the trees, in the flowers, in the grass… and it was beautiful. But it didn’t stop there… God’s been teaching me that everything He makes is beautiful and glorifies Him. The trees… they glorify God just by BEING.. they don’t DO anything, all they do is grow and glorify God. And I’ve been learning that just the same, I don’t have to DO anything to be a pleasure to Jesus, He loves me just because he CREATED me, all I have to do is BE, and I can glorify Christ.
So as I was thinking about all that, God showed me something else – everything He makes grows UP. The grass grows up, flowers bloom up and open their faces to the heavens, and trees grow high and mighty, their branches extending into the skies. And I thought about how much I look down, how much I let my arms stay by my side facing the ground. So I lifted my arms towards the sky and praised God with all I had. I’m sure the neighbors thought I had lost it (again.. hahaha) but I knew that was something I had to do… God needed to be praised right then and there. So I ran yelling praises with my arms in the air, and started dancing and singing. By now if anyone was watching they’d probably be sure that I was crazy, twirling around with my arms up and head facing the sky, but I don’t care, because let me tell you, I probably had a bigger smile on my face than I’ve had in a long time. Cuz Jesus makes me so happy. And it was such a peace, to be crazily dancing with joy in the middle of God’s beautiful world, surrounded only by trees and grass and just KNOW that no matter what, everything was and is going to be okay.
A song came on my iPod called ‘I’m Still Yours’ and the words completely said everything I was feeling.. ‘if I lost it all, would my hands stay lifted, to the God who gives and takes away, if you take it all, this life you’ve given, still my heart will sing to you…’ and I thought how awesome, that even if everything in my life is stripped away, my hands WILL stay lifted because Christ has given me all that I am – take it all away, and its fine cuz I still have Jesus, and He’s all I need. Everything else I have is an unexpected gain. So my hands will stay lifted, and my heart will continue to sing to my Jesus, my Savior, my Father, my King. Praise God.
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